My name is Chris, I’m a DevOps Engineer with skills in security, development and data science. I’m also a triathlete with a few race wins and some international age-group experience.

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PErsonal Brand

I’ve built a career being a technical leader who brings a broad knowledge, other people and their experience together to solve a problem. I’m simultaneously someone who can acquire specialist understanding, and translate it to audiences of differing technical ability.

Current Interests

Security, Machine Learning and DevOps; all of which require what’s described in my personal brand. I am currently a DevOps Engineer, with a company who use web data to help manage reputation risk.

Right now I’m working with Linux as my primary OS. I’m collecting and shaping metrics from Kafka using the Elastic stack, automating deployments using Ansible and training machine learning models using Spark.

I write occasional blog posts as a learning tool for myself, and as a thank you to all the posts that have helped me in the past. Most of my technical blog posts come from a repeated need to explain something at work, so they represent the kind of questions I’ve been asked a lot (rather than the full extent of my knowledge!).


Beginning my career as a data analyst, my first experiences of VBA allowed me to work at a higher level; away from manual tasks in Excel, giving me more time to focus on the data and process itself. This experience was eye-opening, and led me into Computing.

I worked in a government body for almost four years, as an infrastructure analyst specialising in SAS on Windows. Being the “Computing person” in a room of 50 statisticians meant a lot of rapid, self-guided research. Throughout most of this time I was sponsored for an MSc in Computing, which filled in important gaps outside of my Windows SAS world.

My MSc project was a proof of concept, that focused on finding a suitable Machine Learning algorithm for a task. You can read my final report here.

Other opinions

Some people whose opinions I respect very much, have been kind enough to say these words about me.

“Chris is a great employee with a knack of getting to the root of the problem, and the ability to communicate the issue and solution effectively to others. A true unicorn I was sad to see leave.”

Andrew Breeze, Principal Data and Infrastructure Analyst (Higher Education Funding Council for England).

Andrew was also kind enough to provide his definition of unicorn.

“Speaking to Chris motivated me to apply for jobs in Germany, I now have four interviews I wouldn’t have otherwise”

Anon, fellow techie person.

“Very smart and motivated.”

Ted Demopoulos, SANS Instructor and author of InfoSec Rockstar.

“Very dedicated and working hard. Impressive.”

Sebastien Besson, SANS Instructor

Technical Areas



  • Powershell;
  • Python;
  • Ansible.


  • SAS;
  • SQL;
  • Machine Learning.


  • C#;
  • JavaScript;
  • 8086 Assembly.

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